Unconditional income for Ina Genée


Ina Genée (http://inagenee.com) is a therapist offering her work for free and giving IMPULSES for renewing the culture.

This website is here to deliver an unconditional basic income to Ina. We support her by contributing minimum 1€ per month for at least one year (as a next step, we want to create a permanent income).



Ina’s Concept & Project

Innovative Sustainable Alternative
How? Through cultural exchange.
Ina is great at connecting people. She links Initiatives, People and Impulses.
She initiates the exchange of sustainable proven methods (from ancient to new, tried and tested techniques) between different cultures.
Motive? Freshness, openness and love.
She has been doing organic agriculture and therapy in different Asian countries for several years, and is also actively involved in the wave of change currently happening in Berlin (Tiny House movement, Terra Preta toilet...).
This allowed her to understand the social and environmental problematics on a bigger scale, and she is now working to connect the solutions between Europe and Asia.
The background of her motive: pure Love!

To read more details about Ina’s projects, you can download this document.

“Ina is like a connecting element, in the here and now, full of life energy – in between city and nature, loud and silent between you and me, visible and unvisible.
Not asking where she comes from nor where she is going to. Where she is is only the moment, full of love – the pure life!” Melinda.

Ina is building with me. She helps me to form idea into reality, to laugh about my drama, and she encourages me to start going my way courageously. Listening and enriching are virtues that she masters, in a way that I realise in a constructive and conscious manner the necessity of my actions and that I have to take action!

Tali, 20 years old

Ina helped me to understand myself more than before. After our meetings i started to understand my problems holistically. Her life-affirming charism helped me to take things more easily and to see them from a distance and with a clear mind. Disease mongering didn’t play any role, so that i could see my problems as human and a chance to change my life.
I am really thankful for her fascinating and forward-looking supervision. 

Kathrin, 24 years old

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